Fast Add Contacts to Groups: Contact and Group management 1.3.2

Fast Add Contacts to Groups: Contact and Group management 1.3.2



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Version 1.3: Support Germen, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Update User: For autosave reason, to save the new language setting, you must select "ËœRestore to default" (Zury¼cksetzen, Ry©initialiser, Restaurar ajustes, )and save at least one contact to address book.

Version 1.2: A major update, add group management feature

Now you can assign contacts to one or multiple groups

Fast Contacts management gives you freedom to add contacts into your iPhone. It is faster and easier than ever.
Main Features

- Enter all the contact information in a single screen, no need to switch between screens

- Provide landscape keyboard, no more typos

- Drag & Drop entry fields" setup (including reordering)

- Assign contacts to one or multiple groups
Up to 23 available fields to choose from, you decide what fields appear when App launches
Field list:
Name: Last, First, Prefix, Phonetic Last name, Phonetic first name, middle, Suffix, Nickname, Job title, Department, Company
Phone: mobile, home, work, main, home fax, work fax, pager, other
Email: home, work, and other
Note, URL
We will keep on updating the available fields.
Things we do to help you add a contact easily

- Auto save: If you close the App, it saves what you are typing so you can save the information later.

- Auto scroll: The screen will scroll as you move from field to field. It is very useful in landscape mode.

- No status bar: You get more space, which is especially useful in landscape mode.

- Matching keyboard: for your convenience, the phone number fields show number keypad, the email fields show the email keyboard.

- Faster loading time
- Show the total number of contacts in your address book
- Show the total number of fields you choose to fill

- Single field input support: for example, iPhone does not allow you to input single Nickname field or Job Title field. With Fast Add, you can do it. iPhone address book will display "Ëœno name". Try our app"ËœContact Groups", it will display the Nickname, Job Title and Note instead of "Ëœno name".

- How do I save the Setup information?
In order to keep the Setup information, you need to add a new contact with at least one field. Then the Setup will be saved automatically.

- How do I save a new contact to address book?
1. Launch the App
2. Type contact information
3. In the last field, tap Done button on the keyboard (only the last field needs tap Done button)
4. Tap Save button, then "ËœSave to address book" button to confirm it

- How do I save the contact when I set the last field as phone number? The number keypad does not have a Done button.
1. Input the phone number
2. Tap on another field (not the phone number field, you don"t need to input anything)
3. The keyboard with Done button will show up, and then tap the Done button
4. Tap Save button, then "ËœSave to address book" button to confirm
User guide with screenshots is available on the web site
Please send us emails at if you have any questions or comments. We listen to you and support you.
Note: Fast Add saves your contact information into the same address book as the build in App.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation).

Systems: iOS

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